Client: InForm Fitness

Work Performed

Brand Strategy
Website Design
Website Development
Email Marketing
Digital Geofencing
Social Media
Influencer Marketing
Public Relations


Inform Fitness has facilities from coast to coast. Their current set up had each individual facility running on a different schedule. They needed a cohesive strategy for all facilities while respecting the needs of each location.


Franchise leaders were frustrated that currently created marketing campaigns were not individualized. Facilities would change corporate’s strategic plan to fit each location’s need. This caused inconsistencies in brand guidelines and mixed messaging.


Our team developed strategies for individual locations. These plans would be able to meet the needs of each location while maintaining integrity to the overall brand. After the plans were sent, further support was given through a variety of methods providing each with specified branded materials, images, and graphics.


Each location was satisfied with the plan that allowed them to have flexibility and support from corporate. Locations that followed the plan saw an increase in memberships.