Client: Karen Schaufeld

Work Performed

Public Relations
Social Media
Website Design


Local author Karen Schaufeld has published three children’s books intended to be read by adults to children. She wrote the books this way to promote vocabulary acquisition and keep the tradition alive of reading to a child. There is a fourth book set to release in 2021.


The Author has several projects outside of books she works on and needed support in increasing book sales. With the onset of distance learning in 2020, children have less physical contact with books so she wanted to create an aminated version with narration to support reading and vocabulary acquisition for children.


Our team assisted in the design of a new author website to promote the book, increase sales, and advocate the Author’s mission in a simple easy-to-use way.


We then developed campaigns to increase exposure for the books through, Public Relations, award nominations, and literary reviews.


Lastly, we developed a plan to animate one of the books for mass distribution through digital channels.


Her website is completed to her satisfaction! Her new book has been featured in current media and her previous books are in the running for several awards to highlight. The animation for the book is in production and scheduled to be finished in Jan 2021! Check back to see the book soon!