Client: Potbelly

Work Performed

Digital Advertising
Graphic Design
Business Development
Social Media


Potbelly is a franchise system of restaurants. The client was an owner of 5 locations throughout Virginia. Two locations, near college campuses, weren’t performing well. A third location was brand new and struggling to find it’s demographic. Two locations were bearing the burden of being financially responsible for all 5 locations.


The college campus locations were not taking advantage of resources available to market to students on and off-campus. The new location was in downtown Richmond, where there was limited residential areas and most commercial areas.


Our team created business development opportunities with two college campuses to add locations to the student meal plan cards. We also developed advertising campaigns for students on and off-campus. Lastly, we developed Greek life ambassadors to increase the traffic off-campus/no meal plan students.


For the Richmond location, we trained a catering sales associate and developed a strategic plan to drop off free food to commercial businesses that consistently order lunch for employees and/or are within walking distance of the location. We then developed a drop off for dinner program, where the location could drop off dinner to offices at 4-6 pm for employees to take home to families.


All 5 locations are financially self-sufficient. Two college campus locations are currently benefitting from off-campus Greek life ambassadors that even during the 2020 shutdowns continue to provide revenue and new lead generation every semester. The Richmond location is now catering lunches daily and the dinner drop off campaign has doubled dinner time revenue.