Staying Organized in a Creative World

Content is king! A phrase that will be around for a while, trust me. Content creation is a creative process, but that doesn’t mean us creatives can’t be organized.

If you are rushing, you content will reflect that! Take the time to plan ahead and you’ll start turning out even higher-quality content!  There are two MAJOR factors that can help you stay organized each planning session.

  • Decide on your posting schedule
  • Outline your content in advance

Posting Schedule

How you get into the flow of blog posting should be based on when your audience is online looking for your information and the availability you have to create and post content. If you only have time to create one blog post per month, stick to that schedule. If you highest traffic days are Tuesdays and Thursdays, post pieces of your content on those days to circle your audience back to your website.  

Content Outline

To quickly write your blogs, they should follow a specific outline to keep you on track. Each part of the blog can be tweaked for the objective. If you stick to this outline, your audience will appreciate the consistency and focus of your content. Effortless blog posts have 4 features:

  • Headline or topic
  • Objective
  • A brief description
  • Call-to-action

When its time to recycle and reuse you’ll be able to quickly find the relevant content you are looking for!